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Rajshahi Division

KIng of Mango


Rajshahi Division is the famous as King of Mango. Bangladesh generally produces about 820,000 metric tons of mangoes on 52,000 hectors of land. District of Chapainawabganj alone produces almost 200,000 tons of mangoes on 24,282 hectors of land. Chapainawabganj has about 50,000 mango groves and in them various types of mangoes are grown in 18,900 trees. In 2011 185,300 metric tons of mangoes were grown there on 23,170 hectors of land. However, the annual yield depends on many different factors and therefore the yearly yield is not always constant. The present production is not very high compared to that of other mango growing countries. Rajshahi, Chapainawabganj, Nawabganj, and Dinajpur are the main mango growing regions of Bangladesh. The more popular and widely cultivated mangoes are Langda, Khirsapat, Gopalbogh, Himsagar, Ashhwina, Khisanbogh, Kuapahadiand Fazlee.

Top Tourist Spots at Rajshahi
# Padma (River) Garden
# Zia Children Park
# National Zoo
# Rajbari at Putia

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