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Visiting Australia
Incorporates data on the best way to apply for Visit Visas, Bridging Visas & Transit Visas.
Visitor Info
When you are wanting to visit Australia, there are imperative things you ought to know, for example, what visas to apply for and necessities for the visa application, your commitments while in Australia and data about conforming to the states of your visa.
You will likewise need to realize what you can and can’t bring into Australia, knowing the obligation free concession breaking points and what to encounter when going through Australian airplane terminals and seaports.
Visas accessible for going to Australia
You may come to Australia for Reasons, for Example, Occasions, Touring, Social or Recreational Reasons to visit Relatives, Companions to be a business guest or for other transient non-work things like Medicinal Treatment or Restorative Interviews. Then again you may very well be going through on your approach to some place else. Whether you are going to for under 72 hours or anticipating a stay of quite a long while you must have a legitimate Australian visa.
There are different sorts of visas accessible for going by Australia. The sort of visa that you may have the capacity to get relies on upon various components for example, the length of your stay, your international ID, your present area and the motivation behind your visit.
Longer than a visit
Come to Australia for more than a visit: Australia is a nation of different scenes and various societies. We appreciate a high caliber of life and Australia gives numerous chances to anybody willing to ‘have a go’.

Studying in Australia
Information for understudies who are considering contemplating in Australia. Various visas you can apply for to study in Australia which rely on upon the sort of study you decide to attempt.
Advanced education
On the off chance that you might want to study in Australia at a college or tertiary level then you may be qualified for the Higher Education Sector Visa or Postgraduate Research Sector Visa. In the event that your goal is to study a non-honor establishment studies course or parts of a course (other than English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students) that does not prompt a recompense then the Non Award Sector visa may suit your needs.
For the individuals who mean to come to Australia to embrace English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) the Independent ELICOS Sector visa gives this alternative.
Qualified understudy visa candidates from partaking instruction suppliers might likewise have the capacity to apply for Streamlined understudy visa handling. On the off chance that you have completed your studies and wish to work in Australia briefly, please see Post-study work game plans or our Working visas.
Primary and Secondary School
For visas that permit understudies to select in essential or optional school, or for support in school trade programs the School Sector visa may be suitable. Gatekeepers of a universal understudy more youthful than 18 years old can apply for the Student Guardian Visa keeping in mind the end goal to stay with the understudy in the nation.
Instruction, preparing and sponsorship for study
Worldwide understudies that are occupied with professional instruction and instructional classes can apply for the Vocational Education and Training Sector visa.
For preparing and exploration opportunities which permit you to tune in organized working environment based preparing, you may be qualified for the Training and Research visa.
Now and again the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade or the Department of Defense will support understudies to study in Australia. Understudies partaking in this course of action may be qualified for the Foreign Affairs or Defense Sector visa.
Going to and Contemplating
In the event that you might want to come to Australia for a visit and fleeting study, you may be qualified for a guest visa. To take in more about this choice please see our data on Visiting Australia.