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Pirojpur is situated in South-Western of Bangladesh and a district under Barisal Division. Son of Shah Shuja, Firoz Shah, died in this area so the place is known as Firozpur then Pirozpur. The soil is fertile. The district is bordered by Barisal and Gopalganj to the north, Barguna to the south, Jhalokati and Barguna to the east, Bagerhat and the Sundarbans. Main rivers are Baleshwar, Katcha, Kaliganga and Sandhya. The main business center of the town is Rajarhat. The town has one Dakbungalow.

Top Famous Tourist Spots::
# Baleswar DC Park
# Floating Vegetable Garden of Nazirpur
# Guava Orchard of Nesharabad,
# Mothbaria Shapjora Kuthibari
# Kumarkhali Kali Mandir
# Majherchar
# Momin Mosque, Madbaria
# Pathorghata Sea Beach
# Pirozpur University College
# Remnants of Kaurikhara Zamindarbari
# Rayerkathi Royal Palace and Temple
# Sorupkathi Guava Garden(Largest in the country)
# The Mazar Of Sorsina Peer Saheb
# Two Domed Mosque (Nesarabad)

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