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Patenga Beach

patengaPatenga is a beautiful sunset viewing sea beach near to Chittagong city. It is mostly popular for sunset and sunrise viewing. The beach converges both the nature and the port facilities at the same time. It is quite a sandy beach. It is located near the mouth of the Karnaphuli River. So, you can view both types of natural beauty. You can enjoy river cruise on the Karnaphuli River, or a boat trip onto the ocean waves. The beach area is covered by some square shaped concretes that also makes this beach unique and nice sight seeing from other sea beaches. You may make your kitty marketing from the beach side market also. Can buy lots of interesting Burmese things, jewellery items etc. Water drives are also present for you to enjoy. You can enjoy another small sea beach about 16 Km away from this beach called Fouzdarhat sea beach. It is an ideal place for picnic.

Location: Patenga, Chittagong

Climate : It is better to go in the winter seasons.

How to get there:

It will take about an hour from the center place of Chittagong city by auto rickshaw to reach Patenga Beach and will take about 250 BDT. Bus or Tempu will take about 30-35 BDT .You can definitely hire better transport also.

Where to stay:

There are many hotels in Chittagong city some of them are the best hotels of the country.You can also find some reasonable hotels to stay and have food.