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Work permit visa



There are various prerequisites that everything candidates need to meet for a transitory work visa.
To enter New Zealand you should:
• be healthy and of good character, and
• have an international ID that is legitimate for no less than three months past the date you are to leave New Zealand, and
• be authentic in needing to work in New Zealand, and
• have the right visa for your visit.
In the event that you are allowed a provisional work visa you have to meet certain conditions amid your sit tight:
• The work you do must be in accordance with the conditions determined in your visa
• You must keep inside New Zealand’s laws
• You should just stay in New Zealand for the time permitted by your visa.
On the off chance that you break any of these conditions we may oblige you to leave the nation instantly.
You can be denied a visa if:
• You are a man who is not qualified for a visa under areas 15 or 16 of the Immigration Act 2009, or
• You are in New Zealand unlawfully when you apply, or
• We trust that you are liable to stay in New Zealand unlawfully.