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Chapai Nawabganj is Western part of Rajshahi Division. Mainly it was a subdivision under Malda district after partition it was a subdivision of Rajshahi Div. It became a separate district of Bangladesh in 1984. ancient time it was with Gaur. The largest part of the land of this region is plain land with lots of small ponds and water reservoir. It is also famous for good quality of Mango. Ila Mitra is from this place.

Top Tourist Spots
# Adina College and Idrishi Bhaban
# Baragharia Kacharibari (Revenue Office)
# Chapai Mosque
# Choto Sona Mosque
# Darashbari Mosque
# Graveyard and Mango Orchard of Shah Neamot Ullah
# Graveyard of Birsresta Captain Mohiuddin Jahangir
# Kanchat Rajbari
# Landscape of Babu Dying,
# Naoda Stupa (Buddhist monument)
# Nachole Palace
# Nowda Tomb
# Rajshadin Gaur of Bokhtier Khalgi
# Royal palace
# Sah Suja Hambolkhana
# Shibmondir and couple of Temp in Huzabpur

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Hotel Shopnopuri Arambag Mor, Bissho Road, Chapai Nawabganj Cell: 01711416041
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