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Dinajpur in Bangladesh has several picturesque tourist attractions, one is the Kantaji Temple, at Kantanagar in kaharole police station, 12 miles north of Dinajpur town. This late medieval Navaratna Krishna Temple, had been constructed by Maharaja Prannath of Dinajpur. Historical records reveals that Prannath started it consruction in 1722 AD and it took almost 30 years to be completed under the rule of Maharaja Ramnath, the adopted son of the late Maharaja.This Navaratna(although its nine spires were grounded atop its corners during the mighty 1897 earthquake) Krishna temple is prominent for displaying its thousands of beautifully decorated terracotta, a masterpiece of medieval architecture of Bengal.

I swear, you will have a sudden blow, when you see its architectural presentation on your own eyes at the first moment, it is Magnificent…Awesome, these types of satisfying words will come out from your inner instinct. Same types of feeling also had happened to me, when i first saw this temple several years back. Its thousands of beautifully decorated terracotta, color of the clay, long courtyard and more over the greenery of its peaceful surrounding, will make you calm for a bit like the location itself.

The temple is about a 1 mile west of Dinajpur-Thakurgaon Highway across the Dhepa River. Various types commuters like Bus, Motor byke and Rickshaw Van can get you there within hours from the Town. You have to get off the bus at the Place called ‘Kantanagar’, if you choose to walk and enjoy the country atmosphere. However the distance will be a bit more lengthy, if you are to get there via Auto/vehicle up to the temple, may be your family is with you, in that case, you need to travel a bit more further to the south from the Kantanagar point, and need a U-turn after just crossing the Vhatgaon Bridge.