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Hotels & Restaurants

Hotel Ecochari Inn


Khagrapur, East Gate of Cantonment, Hill Tracts-Khagrachari. Tel: +88-0371-62625

Welcome to Hotel Ecochari Inn. Ecochari Inn Located in Khagrapur, Khagrachari. The name of Ecochari doesn’t represent the name of a place. Eco means Nice Environment and Chari came from Khagrachari. The hotel located at a mountain top. The view from the top is very nice. Traditional foods are available in the restaurant of Ecochari Inn. Visit and explore beautiful khagrachari and stay with the best hotel in Khagrachari.
Exclusive Facilities:
> AC Conference Hall available with capacity of Couple at a time. Generator service is there to confirm no interrupter in conference.
> Car and Bus parking space are available. So the hotel is available to keep up with any picnic party.
> Satellite connection is available in every room so that you will never bored while staying in the room.
> Restaurant available with attractive Bangladeshi, Chinese, Indian and Traditional Tribal food.

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