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Hotel/Reosrt Address Tel/Cell Phone
Sakura Hill Resort Ruma Road, Bandarban Cell: 01856-699910, 01856-699911
Hotel Plaza Army Para, Bandarban Cell: 01856-699910, 01856699911
Sangu Residential Hotel Jadi Para, Bandarban Cell: 01856699910, 01856699911
Hotel 3 Star Bandarban, Chittagong Cell: 01856699910, 01856699911

Hillside Resort

Hillside Resort is situated at 4 kilometer away from Bandarban town on Chimbuk road. The area is named as Milonchori. Hillside Resort has pleasant accommodation facilities for 50 persons in various categories like single bed, double bed, triple bed and quartet bed. They have also a restaurant name as RESTORA RIGRRE KHYANG. Hillside Resort has five nice cottages with three are fully air conditioned including a tribal house and a dormitory. All cottages and houses have attached bathrooms with hot water and other facilities. They are able to mange local guide for tourists and also provide vehicle services for movements. Hill Side Resort is the best place for view the surrounding hilly area with the amazing view of Sangu River and other places.

Hotel/Reosrt Address Tel/Cell Phone
Holiday Inn Resort Meghla, Bandarban Cell: 01856699910, 01856699911.
Hotel Paharika Bandarban Cell: 01856699910, 01856699911
Hotel Four Star Bandarban Cell: 01856699910, 01856699911
Hotel Green Hill Bandarban Cell: 01856699910, 01856699911
Hotel Purabi Bandarban Cell: 01856699910, 01856699911
Hotel Prue Abashika Bandarban Cell: 01856699910, 01856699911

Nilgiri Resort

Description of the Resort: Nilgiri Resort is the top most resort in Bangladesh. Nilgiri Resort is located 47 kilometer South-East of Bandarban town on Chimbuk Range at a height of 2400 feet from sea level. Nilgiri Resort has a high class residential accommodation that makes a difference. Bangladesh Army in Bandarban established and maintained Nilgiri Resort. To visit Nilgiri Resort traveler have to seek permission from Brigade HQ of Bangladesh Army in Bandarban. The place is accessible by road. It is better to have your own vehicle. It may take 2 Hrs Drive from Bandarban. Nilgiri Resort area is locally known as Darjeeling of Bangle. There is a nice Restaurant in Nilgiri Resort and have 5 cottages.

Hotel/Reosrt Address Tel/Cell Phone
Parjatan Motel Meghla, Bandarban  
Hotel Hill Bird Bandarban Bazar Cell: 01856699910, 01856699911
Hotel Ajmir Bandarban Cell: 01856699910, 01856699911
Hotel Autithi Bandarban Sadar Cell: 01856699910, 01856699911
Hotel Sumaiya Bandarban Cell: 01856699910, 01856699911
Bilkis Hotel Bandarban Sadar Cell: 01856699910, 01856699911
Hotel Royal Bandarban Cell: 01856699910, 01856699911
Ruma Bazar Resort Bandarban Cell: 01856699910, 01856699911