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Ram Sagar Dighi


Ram Sagor is the largest water tank at Dinajpur district. This is located at the village Tejpur which is around 8 kilometer South of Dinajpur Town. People says this is the largest man made water tank of Bangladesh, but it is wrong. Cause there are several water tanks at North Bengal available which are much bigger than Ram Sagor.
Ram Sagor was dug by the king Raja Ram Nath during 1750-1755 to resolve the water crisis of local people who were suffering from dearth, but now a days this is a famous tourist destination at Dinajpur.

Nayabad Mosque


Nayabad Mosque is situated at the Ramchandrapur Union of Kaharol Upozila of Dinajpur District. This antique mosque is situated to the bank of the Moribund river Dhepa. This mosque is around 1.85 kilometer apart from the great Temple Kantajew.

Shopnopuri Amusement Park

sopnopuri dinajpur

Shopnopuri is one kind of Theme Park and it’s built using a vast area(around 920 acre). There are different sector inside the park, and you need to buy ticket to enter separately.
There are several ways to reach the Theme Park of Shopnopuri. You can reach at Fulbari railway station using train from Dinajpur or you can reach at Fulbari using bus. There are several buses you can use.
The entry fee for the Theme Park is 20 taka per person. At the gate, you can find two statue of angels are waiting to welcome you inside the park. After entering the park, you’ll find one of the most artificial beauty from Bangladesh.

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