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Work Permit Visa



A well-balanced family and work life, an excellent business climate and an efficient welfare state. These are just three of the reasons why many foreigners want to come to Denmark. In recent years, Denmark has attracted foreign workers in a wide range of areas, and the expectation is that in the future even more foreigners who are willing to be part of the Danish work force and society will be needed.

Work visa for:

1. Accounted
2. Professor
3. Building Engineer
4. Chemist
5. Construction Engineer
6. Doctor
7. Dentist
8. Electrical Engineer
9. Financial Controller
10. Lawyer
11. Mechanical Engineer
12. Song teachers
13. Database developer
14. IT Consultant
15. Network Consultant
16. Software developer
17. System developer
18. Production Manager
19. sales Manager

Are generally required to submit the documents for the visa application.

1. The colorful picture.
2.All educational certificates.
3. Work experience documents.
4. A variety of certification training.
5. Passport.
6. If any of the courses in the English language certificate (minimum 1-year course).
7. BBA, MBA or courses in English for the English version or the student is not required.
8. The arena where the English language, had the opportunity to speak certificate of experience at work.
9. IELTS 6 points. 5 of the English courses at the certificate or certificates are not required to speak English.
10. The IELTS score of 6. 5 of the certificates / documents must be attached.