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Visit Visa

Standard vacationer visas are issued to residents of Denmark, different states and stateless persons for fleeting stay in the nation with the end goal of tourism (going to social occasions, touring). Visitor visas are issued on the premise of an affirmation that the remote traveler will be facilitated by a Russian visit administrator. A vacationer visa qualifies guests for enter the nation to lead brief business arrangements, go to shows, barters and restorative interviews or examinations. In such cases, so as to affirm that the remote visitor is normal, ‘tourism with a unique reason’ ought to be placed in the field ‘motivation behind visit’, and the visa will be issued for the quantity of days required keeping in mind the end goal to go to the occasion, as appeared in the convenience affirmation (if this is no more than 30 days). When in doubt, this sort of visa can’t be issued for a time of 30 days.

Vacationer visas are either single-passage or twofold section.

Twofold section vacationer visas are issued to outside nationals just in situations while, as indicated by the records, the visitors plan to visit different states neighboring Russia amid their visit to the nation (the “close abroad” nations (CIS, Baltic states)) or states from which they will return through Russian region (e.g. China or Mongolia). The course must be expressed on the traveler’s ticket (or the remote visitor’s convenience affirmation, issued by the Russian association facilitating the vacationer).

If it’s not too much trouble note! The vacationer’s medicinal protection strategy must contain:

1.The date when the assertion was agreed upon;

2. The approach number;

3. The full name of the guaranteed;

4. Full points of interest of the guarantor;

5. The approach must cover the whole time of stay in Russia for single-section and double passage visas, and the length of time of the first trek for multi-passage visas;

6. A rundown of restorative and therapeutic transport administrations accommodated, including repatriation; the base measure of spread must be 30,000 EUR;

7. The domain must be Worldwide, the Russian Federation, or Europe including Russia; the guaranteed party’s mark.

Just protection approaches from Russian protection associations or those protection associations which have gone into reinsurance concurrences with Russian protection associations authorized to give this sort of protection, or have a concurrence with an administration (help) association which organizes restorative help (therapeutic and transport administrations), to the same degree or more prominent than that stipulated in the rundown of least prerequisites will be acknowledged. Protection arrangements and affirmation letters which don’t contain the data above and standard structures stamped by the guarantor won’t be acknowledged.