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Barisal is consisting of rivers, canals, forests and a diversity of nature, is a beautiful district with an area of about 2790 skm, in the delta region of Ganges. The rivers of Barisal has been damaging the land structure and causing erosion in the district. As a result, it has been a constant battle for the locals to reside here. Since many decades, different people from several nations have settled here and gradually the roads and highways of the district were improved. In Ancient time, Barisal was a kingdom of Chandradwip. The capital of this kingdom was at Bakla. The founder of the kingdom was Danuj Madhav or Danuj Mardhan Dev. Then in British period, it became a district and named as Bakerganj.

Top Tourist Spot
# Korapur Miyabari Mosque
# Bibir Pukur
# Gutia Mosque
# Bazramohan College

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