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Baitul Mukarram Mosque is the National Mosque of Bangladesh. It is designed in the style of the holy Ka’aba of Mecca. Its construction started in 1960 and was completed in 1968. In this eight stories mosque about 40,000 people can say their prayer at a time. It is the biggest mosque in Dhaka city and 10th biggest mosque in the world. This uniquly designed mosque has severel modern architectural features as well as it preserves the traditional principles of Mughal architecture. The mosque complex includes shops, libraries, offices and parking areas. It has a very beatiful Moghul styled garden that attracts people very much. Non-Muslims can normally enter outside of prayer time.


Bangabandhu National Stadium Road,Paltan,Dhaka, Bangladesh

How to get there

From any side of Dhaka city you can reach to the Mosque by Bus/Taxi or CNG because it is located at middle of the city.