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Boga Lake is called the highest natural lake of Bangladesh. It is about 2700 feet above the sea level. But few experts think that the Boga Lake is about 3000-3700 feet above the sea levels indeed. Boga Lake is about 2000 years old hill enclosed natural lake covering total 15 acres of land. The origin of the name Boga come from the local word “BAGA” means fire of Dragon. Boga Lake is familiar through different local names among the local habitats. Suppose Bagakain Lake, Bagakyne Lake or Baga Lake along with Boga Lake. Boga Lake is bounded by deep bamboo bushes from its three sides and high hill in rest side. There is a small village just beside the lake. The Boga Lake is either rectangular or funnel shape. The Boga Lake is average 38 meters deep. Bagachara is the deepest part of Boga and it is 153 meters deep. Boga Lake is a closed lake and there is no way to drain out water. Rain water is the source of the water of the Boga Lake. Some Geologist argue that the Boga Lake have origin from a devastated earthquake. Some geologists believe that the origin of Boga Lake from a dead volcano and the collection of rain water in the cave area resulting the creation of Boga Lake. The nature of the water and the soil of the Boga Lake also support their opinion. Due to high acidity in water, Boga Lake is not appropriate for living any kind of common flora and fauna. But it is interesting that no travelers miss the chance to take a hot bath in the beautiful lake to refresh their soul.

At present, Boga Lake has placed as a heavenly place of beauty and great pleasure for those travelers who love adventure and to face challenging travel. That is why a number of tourists from home and abroad makes their destination to the paradise of nature every year. Boga Lake is as a heaven where nature has opened up all its beauty and charms without any hesitation for the tourists. The bamboo and wild bushes around the lake, the grass and the known and unknown amazing wild flowers and other plants contribute as like verse of a great poem of beauty and charms. The travelers forget to take breathe when the soft clouds appears in front of them around the magical Boga lake. The beauty is not only describable in word but also to feel to soothe both the eyes and mind to quench the thirst of beauty.

The charm and amazing beauty of the Boga Lake changes with the color change of water, depending on various indicators such as sun light, clouds humidity seasons etc. But usually the water of Boga Lake is super fine crystal clear with blue shade surface which reflects like pearls. Visitors will definitely be amazed looking at the big rocks lying here and there in Boga Lake. A camp fire beside the lake will be great and mind blowing memory in your life. Boga Lake attracts the nature lovers in such magnetic way that very few tourist places can dare to be the alternative of Boga Lake. Boga Lake is such a magnetizing place which must astonish the tourists with amazing landscape, zigzagging thin path-way and all other wild elements around the Boga Lake.

How to start

Boga Lake is about 65 km away from the Bandarban city and 15 km away from Ruma Upazilla Sadar. There are two ways to go to Boga Lake. They are Ruma route and the way of Jhiripath. The formal route is Ruma. At first you have to make a trip from Bandarban to Ruma by “Chander Gari” (public jeep), public bus or a private vehicle. From Ruma, you can hire a public jeep up to Boga Lake. On the way, you have to register your name and particulars in the respective security camp. It is mentioned that you are not allowed to leave Ruma for Boga Lake after 4 pm. From Ruma, you have to go Koikhong Jhiri by public bus or Chander Gari. You can also hire a Chander Gari (public jeep) up to Koikhong Jhiri. It takes 1-1.50 hours to reach koikhong Jhiri. You may also hire a boat approx one hour journey to Koikhong Jhiri. Finally you have to walk through the zigzag hilly way to Boga Lake. It is quite difficult to visit Boga Lake in the rainy season but winter is better to travel the same. From My own experience, It is better to take a local guide to visit Boga Lake from Ruma or Khikhong Jhari.

Accommodation at Boga Lake

There is no residential hotel except the rest house of district council at Boga Lake area. So the tourists have to arrange accommodation in the local tribal communities. The tribal people have built some small but attractive cottages with sufficient facilities within their range for rent purpose to travelers in return of a comparatively cheap amount of money. But before reaching Boga Lake, the tourists have to stay at the Bandarban or Ruma Bazaar.

Food and drinks arrangements in Boga Lake

Since there is no hotel, motel or restaurant in Boga Lake, the tourists or travelers should have to manage their foods, drinks and other stuffs from local tribal communities. Of course the travelers have to pay them for this services which is not much expensive at all. But travelers should be aware about dog or pig meat, dried snakes and other uncommon dishes if they want to avoid the same. Most of the foods cooked by the tribal peoples feel too much hot and spicy but extra ordinary delicious to the tourists. Dry fishes are most common food item here. From my own experience, it is better to manage some dry food stuffs from Ruma Bazar when there is no shop at all after Ruma Bazar.

Locally produced rice wine popularly known as “Arriaa” is a popular drink among the community. It may be flavored with pineapples, stone-apples, elachi etc. Tea is a popular drink here but server with salt rather than sugar.

Consciousness and Precautions before trekking to Boga Lake

You have to mentally and physically prepare for a tough and rough journey in such long way.

Be careful about using local water.

Bandarban is a malaria affected zone. So you should carry mosquito resistant kits.

You should carry some dry foods, water purifying kits and first aid box with particular medicine.

You should carry water resistant bag and should avoid heavy loads of baggage.

Be friendly with the local inhabitants.

Be careful and seek permission from the ethnic people before taking photographs.

There is no mobile network, no good road communication.

Price may vary with different indicators. So, be careful before fixing price.

Try to avoid unknown persons and strangers on the way.

It is better to start the journey in a group.

All non-Bangladeshis are required to contact and register his particulars in the local police station .