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Alutilla Hill Cave

Alutila Hill is 150 meter long and very beautiful attractive tourist place of Bangladesh. It is surrounded by deep green forest. Approximately 100 meters long a very dark Cave is the mysterious beauty of Alutila hill. If you are courageous and adventure lover, then this is a perfect spot to vanquish. There is no risk, nothing to warry, it is absolutely safe cave. It will take 15 minutes to pass the cave. Most interesting thing is the cold water flowing at bottom. From top of the hill you can see all around the Khagrachari town. This is an excellent picnic spot.


Alutila Hill Cave


Khagrachari, Chittagong

How to get there

First you have to go Khagrachari. You can find many bus service from Dhaka to Khagrachari available.

From khagrachari you can can hire micro bus or even local bus are available to reach there at any time of the day.