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Lalmonirhat is in Rangpur division. It was promoted into a district on 1984. An abandoned air base is in this district. Now a unit of Bangladesh Air Force is placed here. It is the birth place of Poet Sheikh Fazlal Karim. Burimari land port is situated under Patgram Upazila. Trade and commerce between Bangladesh and India is conducted through this port. During the partition in 1947, some parts of Bangladesh became enclaves within the area of India.

List of Top Tourist Spots/Places for Visitors
# Dharla Bridge at Mughalhat
# Hazrat Shah Sufi Muhammad Fazlur Rahman Tomb
# Harano (lost) Mosque (8th century AH)
# Hussain Sarabor (dry pond)
# Ijaradar Mosque
# Kakina Rajbari
# Kabi Bari (house and collections of poet Sheikh Fazlul Karim)
# Kutub Khana at Patgram
# Khetu Mohammad Sarkar Bridge and Well at Aditmari
# Kakina Zamindar Bari Hawakhana
# Lalmonirhat District Museum
# Mogalhat Zero Point
# Nag Lingam (rare variety of plant)
# Subadar Monsur Khan Mosque (known as Nidaria Mosque)
# Sindhumati dighi
# Sindurmati at Lalmonirhat Sadar
# Tin Bigha Corridor and Burimari Land Port (Patgram)
# Tista Barrage (Hatibandha), Shalban (Hatibandha)
# Tista Railway Bridge at Lalmonirhat Sadar
# Tusharbandhar Zamindar Bari
# Tushbhandar Zamindar Bari (Kaliganj)
# Zamindar Mahima Ranjan Museum

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